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Flora of Kerala and India

veiled_lady_mushroom_001 * the veiled lady fungi
veiled_lady_mushroom_002 * the veiled lady or the bridal veil stinkhorn
cup_fungi_thattekkad_001 * Tiny, wine glass shaped, Cup Fungi,  cookeina sulcipes of  the Family Sarcoscyphaceae, against a dark background, at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekkad. These cup fungi were located near to the place where we found the ceylon frogmouths in the birds section. Vividly colored in deep red-orange, with a pinkish tone.
cup_fungi_thattekkad_002 * Sarah capturing the Cup Fungi,  cookeina sulcipes at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekkad.
cup_fungi_003 * Cup Fungi,  cookeina sulcipes @ home, kerala
nature_civilization * Does it look like a painting? I like the overall tone. A bit far from earth, it doesn't show much of human intervention other than the dam. but may be a dam is enough? Anyways the picture shows a lot of geographical features.. Took it on my flight from Delhi a few months before. So it must be somewhere close to the east coast of India.
mangalavanam_mangrove_002 * mangalavanam mangroves, kochi
mangalavanam_mangrove_001 * mangalavanam mangroves, kochi
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